Matlock Farm

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The Belties

*NEW*  Matlock Farm now offers quality Beltie beef for sale in many different cuts.

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Belted Galloway's come from Galloway, a district of Scotland, and are primarily used as beef cattle.  Warren Flint Jr. likes to look out the window and watch them enjoy life.  He breeds and sells the cows and somehow keeps track of every one in the 30-something herd.  For more information on this fascinating breed go to

The Calves

Every year about 10 new calves are born on the farm.  They quickly adjust to farm life and enjoy running around and playing with the other calves.  Both female and male calves are born.  The farm tends to keep the females and sell the males once they are a couple years old.  In their down time, the calves like to nurse from their mothers, enjoy a "bath" from some of the other cows and sleep under the warming sun.  They are all so cute when they are little, like big stuffed animals.

The Cows

The herd consists of about 75% cows, mature female cows.  They usually have 1 calf a year and all have different personalities.  Since they all look the same, it is sometimes difficult to tell them apart.  Most of the cows have ear tags with numbers on them, which seems to help a little.  Most of the cows are very protective of their calves when they are young.  It is smart to look from a distance, so the mother doesn't think you are going to steal her calf.

The Bulls

The farm usually leases a different bull from another farm every year or two.