Matlock Farm

Making Dreams Become a Reality

Right now there is a waitlist for lessons. 
If you would like to be on the waitlist please fill out the Lesson Application and email or mail to Sarah Flint.

About the Lesson Program

Matlock Farm is geared towards giving students the results they aspire to, whether trail riding, riding for fun, or competitive showing.  No matter what your goal is we can help you achieve it in a fun, friendly and relaxed environment.  Riders start out by learning the basics of balance and coordination by doing numerous exercises and fun games.  We then move you on to more challenging workouts to really challenge the mind and body to get the confidence you need.  All disciplines of riding are based on balance-seat riding.

Pairing horse with rider is a huge part of growing as a team.  We make sure the horses you ride are suitable for your needs and hope you develop an everlasting relationship.  The horses available for lessons range from predictable school horses to challenging project horses for more experienced riders.  We also have seasoned show horses who have shown at all the levels from open fun shows to the National level.

*Please fill out the appropriate forms at the bottom of the page before your first riding lesson*

About the Instructor

Sarah Flint is a licensed horseback riding instructor who has just recently started her dream of operating a lesson, training and show barn.  She grew up on her family farm and started riding at age seven.  Over the years she has shown at local 4-H shows up through the National level.  She has been associated with Arabians and National Show Horses since 1990 and has been showing on the circuits ever since. 

She has had the privilege of working with such trainers as Paula Paglia, Frake Van der Meer, Adam Lastowka, Richard Thell, Marie Louise Barrett and Olympians Shannon Dueck and Greg Best, all of whom are well known in their respective disciplines.  With the help and knowledge of these individuals Sarah has been taught and shown in such disciplines as Dressage, Hunter Pleasure, Jumping, Saddleseat, Western, Driving, Halter and Equitation.  She would like to pass her experience and knowledge onto her students and help them pursue their dreams.

Familiar Faces at the Barn

From time to time you will see some of the following people at Matlock Farm.  They help keep Matlock Farm running with their continued support!

Margaret Flint is the owner of B and also Sarah's mom.  She helps out for numerous hours every day and is a crucial member of the Matlock Farm team!  When B isn't too busy with lessons, Margaret likes to take her out on trails or ride bareback in the ring.  She took B to a few shows and did very well, but has decided that she would rather ride for pleasure these days.  In her free time she likes to play Words With Friends on her iPad, so if you have an account, start a game with her!

Lindsay Ormond owns Copper and teaches lessons on Saturday and Tuesday.  Before coming to Matlock Farm, Lindsay taught therapeutic riding lessons on Copper.  She is very hard working and has a great sense of humor!

Eleanor Williams has been volunteering at Matlock Farm for a few months now.  She has worked with Fjords in the past and grew up on a dairy farm.  

Forms and Fees

Before your first riding lesson please read and fill out the following paperwork.

Matlock Farm Safety Rules

Cancellation Policy


Riding Waiver Under 18

Riding Waiver Over 18

Outside Horse Waiver

General Waiver Over 18

General Waiver Under 18


1/2 Hour Private Lesson: $50

1/2 Hour Group Lesson: $35

45 Min Private Lesson: $65

45 Min Group Lesson: $50

1 Hour Private Lesson: $80

1 Hour Group Lesson: $60

*Groups are up to 4 riders.

** Fees subject to change without notice.