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November 2011

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June 2011

It is with a heavy heart that I would like to inform everyone of the passing of two Matlock Farm legends.  The first is my father, Warren Flint Jr. and the second is my and Savannah's first horse, Fox.

Warren was born and raised on Matlock Farm in Lincoln.  As a young child, he helped out with the daily chores, mainly tending to the dozens of dairy cows and haying the farm fields.  After getting his fill of farm life, he enlisted in the US Coast Guard and ended up serving all four years in Hawaii.  The farm bug came back and he ended up settling on Matlock Farm as his permanant home.  He switched over to beef cattle but kept the hay fields going.  In his spare time he also worked at his business with wife, Margaret Flint, doing land planning.  Conserving land in Lincoln and surrounding towns was always a huge part of his life that he felt very strongly about.  He had plenty of people who admired him for his passion, but also those who detested it!  He was a trustee of Gore Place, among other commitees and also served as a Selectman and on the Planning Board of Lincoln.  He was always a hard worker and happy to help out anyone in need.  He would even take time out of his incredibly busy day to teach kids about tractors, when they stopped by to look.  His last days were spent at the farm and when he did end up going to the hospital, he had no idea he wouldn't return.

Foxfyre Bell Heir (NA Ganna x Tinkerbell) would have been 33 on June 3rd this year.  He was given to me by Linda Cooke about 20 years ago.  He showed and won on the A Arab circuit in Hunter/Jumper, Hunter Pleasure and Leadline with all his training done by me, a 12 year old kid at the time.  We were Region 16 Champions in Working Hunters AOTR in 2001, when he was 23 years old.  He taught many kids how to ride and enjoyed exploring the Lincoln, MA trails for hours at a time.  When some of the cows on the farm needed to be rounded up, Fox was my horse of choice for the job.  He and I even were a team for my town's re-enactment of April 19th, with Fox cantering as I spread the alarm that the British were coming!  As he got older, his health declined, he had lost tons of weight and he was no longer able to be ridden.  In spring of 2008 the decision was made to euthanize him later that year.  One of my students, Savannah Snell, decided that she would like to spend time with him for his last few months.  Miraculously, he put on weight and was able to be ridden again!  Savannah even took him to a few horse shows and was High Point Champion at 2 of them.  Fox was 30 then.  In 2009 I gave him to Savannah for Christmas.  After his age finally caught up to him, the decision was made by myself, Savannah, Janet Flory and Dr. Heidi Williams, to put Fox to sleep.  Fox is buried on our farm where he spent so many happy years, and we miss him greatly.  Rest In Peace, Foxy.

January 2011

Some of the Matlock Farm riders went to the New Hampshire Arabian Horse Association Year End Awards banquet in Manchester, NH, to get their awards.  I would like to congratulate the following teams on their accomplishments:

Kate Anderson and EF Kaalkir (Calvin) were Reserve Champion in the AHA PB Sport Horse Under Saddle division!

Amanda Fasciano and EF Kaalkir (Calvin) were Champions in the AHA PB Hunter/Jumper division!

Savannah Snell and Rebel Rebel (Mac) were Champions in the Open HA Hunter/Jumper division!

Rebecca Thompson and The BB King (King) were Champions in the Open HA Hunter Pleasure division!

Sarah Flint and EF Kaalkir (Calvin) were Reserve Champions in the AHA PB Sport Horse In Hand division!

Sarah Flint and Strange Magic (Clarke) were Champions in the AHA HA Sport Horse In Hand and Dressage divisions and Reserve Champions in the AHA HA Sport Horse Under Saddle division!

Anna Kjems and Rebel Rebel (Mac) were Champions in the AHA HA Walk-Trot and Reserve Champions in the AHA HA Dressage divisions!

Congrats to all on a job well done!

August 2010

Hello everyone!  It has been a busy summer with lots to report :)

I'll start off with the shows we have been to this year:

CRAA- We brought King, Clarke and mac to the CRAA Spring Derby horse show, which offers classes for Arabians, Half Arabians, Friesians and Open classes as well.  The show took place in Northampton, MA from April 30th - May 1st.  The Matlock crew took many top honors in the dressage division this year :)  King and Tae Erickson had their showing debut and ended up with a 3rd, 2nd and 1st place in Training Level ATR!!  Rebecca Thompson and Clarke stepped into the dressage ring for the first time together as well, and ended up winning a 2nd and 1st place in Intro Test B  :)  Mac and Anna Kjems showed in the Intro Tests A & B for riders 10 & under, and left the ring undefeated!  They pulled in 4 first place ribbons, in 4 classes!  Sarah and Clarke showed in Training Level as well and ended up with a 3rd and 1st place ribbon!  Anna and Mac also showed in Walk Trot classes in the ring and ended up 1st in Pleasure and Reserve Champions in both the Pleasure and Equitation divisions!  Rebecca and Clarke showed wonderfully in the Sport Horse and Equitation divisions and ended up doing very well too. 

August 16

Its been a while since I last updated the news page!  And there is so much news to share.

Early in the morning, on May 17th, a group of us ventured back to Wild Aire Farm for yet another show.  Anna Nolden and Calvin started off our morning in both the Leadline Equitation and Suitability classes.  Well, the judge was so fond of the team that they won both classes!  They were also High Point Leadline at the end of the day.  Way to go Anna :)  Next was the Walk Trot division, where Lucie Nolden on B and Anna Kjems riding Nate, battled it out.  In the equitation classes, Lucie was 2nd and Champion and Anna was 1st and Reserve.  The pleasure classes brought Lucie 2nd, 1st and Champion ribbons.  Anna was 3rd across the board with Nate.  In the Under Saddle classes Lucie won the Championship and Anna was Reserve!  Lucie and B ended up with High Point Walk Trot followed by Anna and Nate in the Reserve spot.  Go team Walk Trot!!

Next week we trucked 7 horses down to the Big E for the AHCC show.  We started off the show with Clarke bringing in a 3rd and 1st in Half Arabian Sport Horse In Hand.  He ended up High Score Half Arabian Sport Horse for the whole show!  Thanks to Lora Collman for her great handling skills.  In the Sport Horse classes, B was 3rd with Regan Salm and 6th with owner, Margaret Flint.  Both Calvin and Merlin earned 4th place ribbons in their classes with Amanda Fasciano and Sarah Flint riding.  Next up were the Hunter Pleasure classes.  In the JTR classes, Regan and B got a 5th place in a really tough class.  Amanda and Calvin came in 5th in their class as well.  King and Katie Speer made their debut in the Half Arabian Jr. Horse division and came home with a 5th place as well.  In the Amateur classes, Katie switched over to Clarke and brought back a 5th again.  Margaret hopped back up on B and came in 6th, in their first Hunter Pleasure class together!  Clarke went again, this time in the Open classes with Sarah and raked in a 3rd and 4th place.  Over at the dressage ring, Margaret and B had outstanding rides, bringing home a 2nd place in Training Level!  Sarah and Clarke tried out Dressage as well and came home with the blue in Intro!  Anna Kjems and Nate brought back 2nd in the same class.  B made two more debuts at this show.  First was Native Costume with Regan, where the team pulled in a 3rd place.  She then strutted her stuff in Freestyle Liberty and blew away the crowd so much that she won it!  Savannah Snell tried her hand at Showmanship as well.  She and Katie's horse, Mister Do Da, brought home a 3rd place out of 8 entries!  What a great show we all had :)

MAY 28

Show season is in full swing and the Matlock Crew has much to brag about!  At the first show of the season, we brought 4 horses and 4 riders.  We ventured down to Wild Aire Farm in Southbridge, MA on April 19th for a fun filled day.  Anna Kjems rode Nate in their first show together.  The team brought home many ribbons including Reserve Champion in the Walk Trot division.  In the Adult Walk Trot, Becca Fasciano returned to the ring after several years.  She and B were almost undefeated in all their classes and ended up Champions for the division.  Rebecca Thompson brought King to his first show EVER and did amazing!  They had wonderful rides and were Reserve Champions.  Then it was time for the walk, trot canter riders...Amanda Fasciano and Calvin raked in the prizes in all their classes and ended up with 2 blue ribbons.  Nice start to the show season gang!

A few weeks later, we brought 5 horses and 7 riders to the Hudson Valley Arabian show in West Springfield, MA.  We started off the show with hunter/jumper classes and had a very sucessful morning!  B and Rebecca Thompson were Champions in the Crossrail division, not far behind were Rebecca and Calvin.  In the Hunter Hack classes, Merlin placed 2nd in the open and 1st in the ATR both with Savannah Snell.  She went back in the ring with him for the Modified Hunters ATR and came out with excellent rides and lots of ribbons!  Savannah went back in the Modified Hunters ATR with B and came out with a Reserve Champion.  They both later returned to grab the blue ribbon for Hunt Seat Equitation over Obstacles.

The next stop was the dressage ring where many different horse/rider combinations made their debuts.  Sarah and Clark showed for the first time in Intro dressage.  They had fun rides and ended up with 2nd and 3rd place.  B may be a seasoned dressage horse, but Rebecca had her first ride in a 20x60 meter ring showing off her skills in Training Level.  They got an amazing score of 61%, not bad for a first timer :)

Then it was time to head over to the coliseum....In the Hunter Pleasure AATR, Lora Collman rode B (for the first time ever) to a 3rd place finish!  Regan hoped on Merlin for the JTR Hunter Pleasure and kept the trend going with another 3rd place.  Merlin then switched gears and became a Leadline winner with Madilyn Wooten!  She was so excited that she didn't want to get off of Merlin!

Sunday was the day for Sport Horse.  The day started off with Lora Collman showing Calvin to a win in his In Hand Geldings ATH class...if that wasn't good enough, he ended up Reserve High Point Purebred of the whole show!  Thanks Lora for showing off his talents.  Then it was time to put saddles and rders on the horses backs.  In the Sport Horse JTR class, the kids had a clean sweep.  B and Rebecca were 2nd, followed by Calvin and Savannah and then Merlin and Regan.  In the ATR class, Savannah and Calvin returned to get yet another 3rd place ribbon.  But in the Sport Horse Show Hack, they thought a 2nd place would be better :)

This was a great start to the Arabian Shows.  It was great to see old friends, make new friends and spend 5 days surrounded by beautiful horses!


I am thrilled to announce the Year End Award winners for 2009:

Arabian Horse Association of Maine:
Alibaja Knight- Champion PB Hunter
                        - Reserve Champion PB Hunter/Jumper

BW Distinction+- Fifth Place Dressage

Dreams Shazzon- Champion PB Open
                           - Reserve Champion PB Sport Horse Under Saddle
                           - Reserve Champion PB Hunter
                           - Reserve Champion Dressage
                           - Third Place PB Hunter/Jumper

EF Kaalkir- Reserve Champion PB Sport Horse In Hand
                  - Third Place Dressage

Rebel Rebel- Champion HA Open Shows

The Terminator- Champion HA Hunter Pleasure
                         - Reserve Champion HA Sport Horse Under Saddle
                         - Reserve Champion HA Open Shows
                         - Reserve Champion HA Open AHA

Arabian Horse Association of Massachusetts:
Alibaja Knight- Third Place Ambassador Award

Dreams Shazzon- Champion Dressage
                           - Reserve Champion PB Open Performance
                           - Third Place Ambassador Award

EF Kaalkir- Reserve Champion Dressage
                  - Third Place PB Open Performance

The Terminator- Third Place HA Open Performance

Arabian Horse Association of New England:
Alibaja Knight- Third Place Hunter/Jumper
                        - Fourth Place Dressage ATR
                        - Fourth Place PB Sport Horse In Hand
                        - Fifth Place PB Dressage Open

BW Distinction+- Champion Dressage JTR
                           - Champion Sport Horse Under Saddle ATR/JTR
                           - Champion Walk Trot Pleasure
                           - Third Place PB Dressage Open
                           - Fourth Place Hunter Pleasure JTR

Dreams Shazzon- Reserve Champion Hunter/Jumper
                           - Third Place Dressage JTR
                           - Fourth Place PB Dressage Open
                           - Fourth Place Hunter Pleasure ATR
                           - Fourth Place PB Sport Horse Under Saddle Open

EF Kaalkir- Reserve Champion PB Dressage Open
                  - Reserve Champion Dressage JTR
                  - Reserve Champion PB Sport Horse In Hand
                  - Reserve Champion Sport Horse Under Saddle ATR/JTR
                  - Third Place PB Sport Horse Under Saddle Open
                  - Third Place Hunter Pleasure JTR
                  - Fourth Place Hunter/Jumper
                  - Fourth Place Walk Trot Pleasure

EH Repro- Third Place Walk Trot Pleasure

The Terminator- Reserve Champion Walk Trot Pleasure
                         - Reserve Champion Hunter Pleasure Open
                         - Third Place HA Dressage Open
                         - Third Place HA Sport Horse Under Saddle Open
                         - Fourth Place Dressage JTR

Savannah Snell- Champion Equitation

Regan Salm- Third Place Equitation

Anna Kjems- Fourth Place Equitation

Rebecca Thompson- Fifth Place Equitation

Arabian Horse Club of Connecticut:
Alibaja Knight- Champion Open Competition

Dreams Shazzon- High Point PB/HA Hunter Jumper
                           - High Point PB Senior Horse
                           - Champion PB Dressage
                           - Reserve Champion PB Sport Horse Under Saddle
                           -Third Place Open Competition
                           - Sixth Place High Point PB Regional Award

EF Kaalkir- Reserve Champion PB Dressage
                  - Fourth Place Sport Horse In Hand

The Terminator- Third Place National Show Horse
                         - Sixth Place HA Hunter Pleasure

Connecticut River Arabian Horse Association:
BW Distinction+- Fourth Place PB Dressage
                           - Sixth Place PB Sport Horse Under Saddle

Dreams Shazzon- Reserve Champion PB Dressage
                           - Reserve Champion PB Trail
                           - Fourth Place PB Sport Horse Under Saddle
The Terminator- Champion HA Trail
                         - Third Place National Show Horse
                         - Fifth Place HA Dressage
                         - Sixth Place HA Hunter Pleasure

New Hampshire Arabian Horse Association:
Ali Stavros- Reserve Champion PB Halter

BW Distinction+- Champion AHA Walk Trot Pleasure
                           - Champion Open Hunter/Jumper
                           - Champion Open Walk Trot Pleasure

Dreams Shazzon- High Point Professional
                           - Champion PB Dressage
                           - Champion PB Hunter/Jumper
                           - Champion AHA Trail
                           - Reserve Champion Open PB Hunter Pleasure
                           - Reserve Champion PB Sport Horse Under Saddle

EF Kaalkir- High Point AHA Versatility
                  - Champion PB Sport Horse Under Saddle
                  - Reserve Champion Open Walk Trot Pleasure
                  - Reserve Champion AHA Walk trot Pleasure
                  - Reserve Champion PB Hunter/Jumper
                  - Reserve Champion PB Dressage
                  - Reserve Champion PB Sport Horse In Hand

Rebel Rebel- Reserve Champion Open Hunter/Jumper
                    - Reserve Champion Open Driving

The Terminator- Champion HA Hunter/Jumper
                         - Reserve Champion HA Sport Horse Under Saddle
                         - Reserve Champion AHA Trail

Sarah Flint- High Point Professional with Dreams Shazzon
                  - Reserve Champion Open Adult Equitation

United States Equestrian Federation:
Ali Stavros- Fifth Place R16 PB Halter

BW Distinction+- Reserve Champion R16 PB Dressage First Level
                           - Fourth Place R16 PB Dressage Training Level
                           - Fifth Place R16 PB Specialty

Dreams Shazzon- Champion R16 PB Dressage Training Level

EF Kaalkir- Champion R16 PB Sport Horse
                  - Third Place R16 PB Specialty
                  - Third Place R16 PB Dressage Training Level
                  - Third Place R16 PB Hunter Pleasure Jr. Exhibitor

The Terminator- Third Place R16 HA Hunter Pleasure Amateur
                         - Sixth Place R16 HA Hunter Pleasure Open
                         - Sixth Place Nationally NSH Hunter Pleasure

Massachusetts Horsemen's Council:
Dreams Shazzon- Champion Arabian Pleasure

Rebel Rebel- Reserve Champion Open Driving


Happy Late New Year!!  I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday :)  I know a certain 12 year old girl and a certain 30 year old horse sure did!  Congratulations are in order for Savannah Snell and Foxfyre Bell Heir (Fox) as they celebrate their first new year as an official team!  Late Christmas morning, Savannah and her mother walked into Peg Marsh's cute little barn, with a big surprise inside....Fox with a giant bow around his neck!  Savannah grinned from ear to ear as Sarah, Sue, Margaret, and most of Savannah's family tried to hold back tears :)  It was a honor to pass Fox along to such a special person in his life.  This was my favorite holiday ever!

But wait, there is more big news!  First the sad news, Alibaja Knight (Sierra) has found a new home at Trowbridge's LTD in Connecticut, as a beginner school horse.  We miss you Sierra and wish you lots of luck and happiness at your new home.  With sad news also comes good news...Please come by the barn to meet the 2, yes two, new horses at Matlock Farm!  Sarah has purchased a Half-Arabian, 1/4 Saddlebred and 1/4 Dutch Harness Horse named Strange Magic (Clark).  He is a coming 6 year old gelding by the outstanding stallion, Majesteit.  He is just barely started under saddle, so Sarah will have her hands full for a while.  He is a Sport Horse, Dressage and Hunter/Jumper prospect.  The other new guy is named The BB King (King).  He is a coming 5 Half-Arabian, Half-Saddlebred gelding by the very cool saddlebred stallion, Sultans Great Day!  Look for him in the HA Hunter Pleasure Junior Horse classes this year.

The Year End award banquets have started off with a bang!  Once I get all the results in, I will be posting them.  For now, I can announce that Dreams Shazzon is the 2008 USEF Region 16 Champion in Training Level Dressage along with EF Kaalkir as Champion in Sport Horse!  These are quite astonishing results considering they are 24 and 17 years young :)  More results will be posted on the Horses and News page soon....

Please check out the updated Calendar of Events page with TONS of shows posted.  The camp dates are almost ready to be posted!  I will send a group email to all the lesson kids and children on the wait list as well.  If you are not part of either group, but would like information, please email Sarah for email updates.


She's Back.....Sarah's first horse, WA Margaritorr, has returned to Matlock Farm!  In 1991 Sarah fell in love with a horse who lived at Paula Paglia's stable.  This rose grey mare became Sarah's new friend the day she laid eyes on her.  Sarah and Marg would practice setting up for halter several times a day - of course, no one knew about this at the time.  Soon after Sarah introduced Marg to her mother, she became a member of the family.  Margaret showed no concern that Marg had never been ridden before and trusted Paula and Sarah to teach her how.  It was a fun experience for everyone involved.  Sarah and Marg ended up showing on the Arabian circuit in Hunter Pleasure, Equitation, Walk-Trot, Dressage, Hunter Over Fences, Halter, Showmanship and Western.  In 1995 it was time for Sarah to move up to a more competitive show horse.  Much to Sarah and her family's dismay, Marg had to be sold.  Twelve years went by and every day Sarah, her mother and sister, thought about Marg.  Sarah was searching for horses for sale on the internet one day and came across an ad for a free Arabian mare.  She, of course, clicked on it for more information.  The horse's name was Margie, her sire was Tikvah Orr and dam was Magda Bi Bask....hmmm...this all sounded too familiar.  A month later Marg was back home in Lincoln.  The best part was that Marg and Foxy remembered each other...calling all night long until they could be together again in the morning.  Marg is so happy here, doing lessons, being spoiled....  She will be Anna Kjems' Walk-Trot horse for 2009, so keep your eyes out!  We are all so grateful to have such a wonderful horse back in our lives.


Mac, Sarah, Laura and Dre all ventured up to Vermont for the GMHA Fall Driving Classic.  This was the first combined driving show for the pair.  Saturday started out with a dressage test.  Mac did amazingly well...until the back up.  He decided it would be more fun to go up rather than go backwards.  Regardless, they ended up with a 4th place finish out of 7!  Next was the timed obstacles in which he had to fly around a set course and go through a narrow opening of cones with balls on them.  He was a powerhouse and ended up 3rd out of 7.  The final event on Saturday was the arena obstacles.  We were looking at this class as a practice, since he had never even seen arena obstacles before.  Well...this seemed to be his favorite event as he ripped around the turns and did the most extended trot ever, to get to the finish line.  He did so well that he got a 2nd place!  Later that night, we all went to the exhibitors' dinner and had a blast talking with all the driving folks.  After dinner was over, they announced the winners of the 3 phase high points.  We were thrilled to hear Rebel Rebel (a.k.a. Mac) as Reserve Champion for his division!

Sunday started off with the reinsmanship pattern.  Laura and Mac did a set pattern showing off their collected, regular and extended gaits, as well as turns, halts and rein backs.  The pattern was flawless...except for that darn back up again!  Mac and Laura ended up 5th out of 8.  The last class for the team was the working class.  This has all the horses and carts in the ring at the same time.  It is judged like a pleasure and equitation class in one.  With eight entries, it was one of the biggest classes for Mac.  It was also the most competitive since some professionals trucked in just for the day.  Laura and Mac looked outstanding and had a flawless class.  After everyone lined up, it was time for the judge to take one last look and back up.  It was gut wrenching, knowing that the back up was Mac's biggest obstacle.  Laura asked him gently and he backed right up like a pro!  We were extatic when he ended up 2nd!  What a huge accomplishment for both Laura and Mac!  We can't wait to see what next year brings.


The Matlock crew headed over to Wild Aire Farm in Southbridge, again.  This time with three walk- trotters and one leadline rider.  Anna Nolden showed B brilliantly to a 4th and 2nd place finish.  This was amazing considering it was her first horse show ever!  Amanda Fasciano and Calvin did exceptionally well, bringing home many prizes, including the Day End Walk-Trot Championship!  Excellent job!  Lucie Nolden showed B in walk-trot for the first time as well.  They also did amazing, bringing back the Day End Walk-Trot Reserve Championship!  Anna Kjems showed Marg for the first time and did phenomenally well, recieving the Day End Walk-Trot Third Place!  The show could not have gone any better.  How do you top your 3 walk-trot riders coming in 1st, 2nd and 3rd at a show?  And having your leadline rider's debut astonishing?  It was a magical day for all.


We finally have a new trailer!!!!  Sarah has purchased a 2004 4 Star four horse trailer.  It has the head to head design which will be very helpful at the day shows to use as standing stalls.  For longer trips, the horses will feel much more comfortable with lots of room.  They will also be able to see all their friends!  This is very exciting news and has been a work in progress for about a year now.  Feel free to come by the barn and get a tour of "Twinkle".


For those of you who haven't seen Laura Hipp around, it is because she has taken a maternity leave.  I am happy to announce that she has given birth to a healthy baby girl!  Alexandra has red hair (wonder where that came from!) and big blue eyes.  Laura is doing well and enjoying life as a new mother.  Hopefully we'll have pictures soon.  Congrats!


More exciting news is in order for BW Distinction+.  Why the plus after her name???  She has earned enough points at rated Arabian shows to receive her Legion of Honor!  She earned these points in Dressage, Hunter Pleasure, Hunter Over Fences and Sport Horse Under Saddle.  Thanks to all her riders that helped her garner this award: Margaret Flint, Rebecca Thompson, Regan Salm, Anna Kjems and Sarah Flint.  Due to this accomplishment, her new barn name will be B+.  Way to go, Princess :)





August 16

Well, we've had a busy couple of months!  We took four horses and five riders to AHANE in late June.  On Friday, B and Rebecca had  very elegant rides ended up placed 2nd and 3rd in the very competitive Sport Horse Under Saddle classes.  Merlin and Sarah strutted their stuff and placed well in the Sport Horse classes as well.  Savannah and Calvin kicked some serious butt in the Hunt Seat Equitation class!  Anna showed Calvin extremely well in the Walk Trot Pleasure class.

Saturday started off at the Dressage ring.  In the Intro Test A class, Savannah and Merlin were 1st, followed by Anna and Calvin.  Anna returned for Test B coming home with a 2nd place as well!  After rushing Calvin back to the Coliseum just in time for Walk Trot Equitation, Anna guided him around like a pro and again did fantastic!  Anna then switched gears and returned to the ring, this time with B, for the Walk Trot Western Equitation.  They looked so good together and seemed as though they had been riding western together for years, even though it was only a month!  They returned for the Pleasure class and did just as well and looked so cute together.  Later on, Savannah and Calvin showed in their first Hunt Seat Medal class ever and ended up 3rd!  Their next class was PB Hunter Pleasure 13 & under where they got to make their first victory lap together.  Way to go :)

Dressage started off our day on Sunday as well.  Anna showed B this time, to 3rd place in both the Intro Test A and B.  Savannah tried Nate out and ended up 2nd in Intro Test B.  Could he be a dressage horse again????  Sarah showed Merlin to a 70% in Training Test 1 and Calvin to a 68.6% in Training Test 2.  In the NSH Hunter Pleasure class, Sarah and Nate had an exciting class and ended up 4th.  Savannah took over the reins and showed off her style in the NSH Hunt Seat Equitation ending up 4th with Nate.  This showed proved to be a busy and exciting show.  Fun was had by ALL!!!

Matlock Farm's camp sessions began the week of August 21st through 25th.  This was the first week for Groups A and B who proved to be quick learners and very enthusiastic.  The next week of camp was reserved for the more advanced riders, Groups C, D and E.  Again it was and exciting week with a fabulous horse show on Friday!

We also attended a 2-phase at Wild Aire Farm on August 3rd.  It was a very exciting show because Fox returned to the show ring after SEVEN YEARS!  Savannah showed him in the Baby Elementary division.  She did her Groundpoles class first and ended up 1st out of 3!  In her Intro Test A, she again came in 1st making them the Champions for their division!!  Way to go Foxy and Savi :)  Savannah traded mounts and rode Calvin in the Elementary division.  She ended up 1st in the 2' over fences, against none other than Sarah on B!  In the dressage section Calvin and Savannah took the blue again!  And they ended up Champions for that division as well!  Regan showed Repo in the Baby Elementary division and ended up 2nd in the Groundpoles!  They switched over to the dressage ring and came in 3rd for their Intro Test A.  They also showed Intro Test B and came in 2nd!  Awesome job :)  It was a great day and was fun to try something new.

Six horses, along with nine riders, went up to Deerfield, NH for the NHAHA show.  Friday morning started of with showers and a few dressage tests.  In the Intro Level Test A, Regan and Repo swiped up a good ride and a 3rd place ribbon!  Savannah and Calvin took the 2nd place ribbon in Training Test 1 Maiden.  Katie and Repo recieved a 4th place in the same class!  Training Test 1 Open, was owned by Matlock Farm.  Sarah and Merlin won the class, Calvin took second and Margaret rode B to 3rd place!  In Training Test 2, Merlin was 1st again, followed by Calvin and then Regan on B took 4th!  Regan rode Training Test 4 for the first time ever and came out with 5th place.  Great Job!  Before it was time for lunch, the Matlock Crew headed over to the main ring just in time for Walk Trot Equitation.  Addie rode B to a 4th place finish followed by Meghan on Calvin and Elizabeth on Merlin.  Next in the ring were Regan on Repo and Savannah on Calvin.  The placed 3rd and 4th in the Hunter Pleasure JTR 13 & under class.  Lunch Break.....  Nate was ready to go in his HA Hunter Pleasure JTR class with Regan.  They had a great ride and ended up 6th!  A couple classes later, Calvin and Savannah got to make another victory lap in the Hunt Seat Equitation 13 & Under class!  One more victory lap was in order for the Matlock riders...Addie and B took the Reserve Championship in Walk Trot Equitation!  Meghan with Calvin and Elizabeth riding Merlin were close behind with 3rd and 4th place ribbons.  Sarah and Nate showed off their stuff in the HA Hunter Pleasure Jackpot class, coming in 4th!  The final classes for Friday Afternoon required walking over plywood, backing through a V and getting on without a mounting block!  Yes, Sarah decided yet again to try out the trail class.  This time Merlin and Nate were the victims...much to their dismay.  Besides having trouble with every single obstacle, it was really fun!  That night, a very tired Sarah and Nate rode to a 2nd place in the HA Hunter Pleasure Ladies class.  Whew!  Night time :)

Saturday morning brought Repo 2 red ribbons in dressage.  One with Regan in Intro Test B and one with Katie in Training Level Test 1 Maiden.  Merlin also got a 2nd, in Training Level Test 1 with Sarah.  They returned to the ring to win Training Level Test 2.  Margaret showed B to a 4th place finish in Training Level Test 1.  Regan then took over and garned a 3rd in Training Test 2 and a 6th in Training Test 4.  Over in the main ring, it was Nate's turn.  He returned to the Leadline class to win Cadence a PURPLE ribbon.  Awesome job Cadence and Nate!  Go redheads!  Savannah and Calvin ended up 4th in the Hunt Seat Medal class, right afterwards. 

After a much needed lunch break, two of the three walk trotters returned.  This time Elizabeth tried out B and Meghan stuck with Calvin.  Well, the switch worked well because B and Elizabeth ended up 4th, followed by Meghan and Calvin.  Then it was time for Sport Horse Under Saddle... Calvin and Savannah did amazing, getting a 2nd and two 4ths.  They tried out the Sport Horse Show Hack and won both the Open and Championship.  Oh, and Savannah looked so sharp in a shadbelly and top hat!  Sarah rode Merlin to a 3rd in the Open and Reserve Champion in the Championship!  Yay Mert :)  Regan had incredible rides on Repo in the Open, ATR and Championship classes.  Great job.  Both Katie and Sarah rode Nate in the HA classes.  Each time they came out with 4th place....I thought upper level dressage movements counted as being a "Sport Horse"  Two teams tried the Pro/Am class out.  Katie and Sarah rode Diesel to an entertaining class.  Margaret and Rebecca rode B beautifully.  Next was a quick change for Silly Halter.  Five Oompa Loompas, One Willy Wonka and a Bubble Machine later, we had some load fans!  The noise makers that the girls handed out did their job for the judging and won "The Flintstones" a 2nd place finish!  Due to some technical difficulties, Regan ended up with Jaundice and Rebecca got a really bad tan, after they washed off their faces.  Their doing ok now.  Saturday night were the dressage award ceremonies.  Sarah rode Merlin to receive his Champion High Point Training Level Dressage Award.  Savannah lead Calvin in to get his Reserve Champion High Point Award and picture.  When that was over, Sarah and Merlin got to make one more victory lap in the PB Hunter Pleasure Maiden Horse class.  Not bad for a 24 year old horse!  Katie rode Nate in the HA Hunter Pleasure ATR class and came out with 4th place! 

Nate and Katie started off Sunday morning with a 3rd in the HA Hunter Pleasure Championship.  Sarah kept the trend going by receiving a 3rd as well, in the HA hunter Pleasure Open Championship.  Regan rode Nate to a 6th place finish in the JTR version of the HA Hunter Pleasure Championship division.  Switching over to the purebreds, Savannah and Calvin earned a 5th in Hunter Pleasure JTR Championship.  In the Hunt Seat Equitation Championship, Regan had an astounding flawless ride on B and ended up 3rd, followed by Savannah on Calvin.  This show was a huge success for Matlock Farm.  Everyone did a great job, met their goals and reached new heights!

While we were at the Deerfield Fairgrounds, Mac and Laura were at The Carriage Barn in Newton, NH at a carriage driving clinic.

After a five day break, we decided to go to Wild Aire Farm's open show.

July 4

Happy 4th of July!!  I love this holiday.  Watching the Lincoln parade, seeing old friends, eating BBQ's and of course the fireworks!  Matlock Farm had an incredibly busy end of May and June. 

I think I left off at the Arabian Horse Club of Conneticut's annual A show.  The group of horses that went were Sierra, Calvin, B and Nate.  We started off Friday morning with Sport Horse in hand.  Calvin was 2nd in both the open and ATH classes!  Sierra was 5th and 6th, not bad for her first time out!  In the afternoon we had our Sport Horse Under Saddle classes.  Calvin did exceptionally well in this division.  He was awarded a 2nd, 3rd and 4th place out of about 15 horses!  Caitlyn had great rides on Sierra as well.  Rebecca and B did amazing, receiving a 2nd and two 3rds!  B also placed well in the hunter pleasure JTR 13 & under.

Saturday was the day for dressage.  Anna and B made their debut in Intro level.  They ended up 1st and 2nd with scores in the 60's!  Sarah rode Calvin and Sierra to scores in the 60's in Training Level!  This was a dressage debut for both horses.  Anna rushed back to the coliseum just in time to get a third place in Walk Trot Pleasure.  Rebecca rode B in the afternoon in a very tough Hunter Pleasure JTR class.  She ended up 5th! Anna and B returned to the ring for the equitation class and showed well to a 6th place!  Nate and Sarah rode the NSH Hunter Pleasure class in style.  After 2 years, they got to make a victory lap together!  Saturday night was the most exciting!  We had 2 horses in the Liberty class this time.  Calvin and Nate both strutted their stuff to music and had a ball doing it!

Sunday began with the English Trail class.  Sarah rode Calvin through several obstacles and ended up 4th.  Sierra and Caitlyn did well too!  Caitlyn switched gears and rode Nate in the Adult Hunt Seat Equitation Championship later in the morning.  They had a great ride and ended up 4th.  A few classes and a rider change later, Nate returned to the ring to again win the NSH Hunter Pleasure Class!  Two sets of flowers at one show!  Anna and B rode again in the Walk Trot Pleasure and Equitation Championships.  They came home with gigantic 3rd and 6th place ribbons!  Another great show for Matlock :)

June 3rd marked the 30th birthday for Fox.  Matlock Farm celebrated with a party on the 8th.  We all had great fun and had delicious cake with a picture of Fox and Savannah on it!  Thank you to everyone who came and helped celebrate!

As if we hadn't done enough showing, the Matlock Crew trekked to Amesbury for the Carriage Town show.  In the Arabian Hunter Pleasure B and sarah were 1st, Regan and Merlin 3rd, Nate and Caitlyn 4th and Kate with Mac took a 5th.  In the JTR class Kate was 2nd on B and Regan was 3rd on Merlin.  In the Championship, B was 1st, Mac 3rd, Merlin 4th and Nate 5th.  In the open Hunt Seat Equitation 17 & under, Kate was 2nd and Regan was 3rd.  Mac showed off his driving skills and got 3rd in both the open and Championship Carriage Driving classes.

After a long journey down to Rhode Island, we had a great show at Ocean State Hunt Club!  The horses that went were B, Calvin, Sierra, Merlin and Nate.  Regan and B were 2nd in the Sport Horse Under Saddle ATR and Modified Hunters!  Calvin and Savannah owned the Sport Horse Under Saddle classes, winning everyone the showed in!  They also took top ribbons in hunter hack and Low Hunters!  Sierra was the show stopper.  She and Regan won 8 out of 8 classes!  They were Champions in the Regular Working Hunter Divisions for both Open and Amateurs!  Pretty impressive considering this was their first show together.  Merlin did very well in the Under Saddle Classes and won one of the Low Hunters!  Nate made his return as a Sport Horse with a 2nd with Sarah and 1st with Savannah.  Sarah also rode him to wins in all of his Over Fences classes!  They ended up Champions for the HA Low Hunter Division.  We were so excited to have an Arabian show that offered Over Fences classes!  Thanks Rick :)


Come meet the oldest Arabian horse in Lincoln @ the oldest farm in Lincoln!

~* SUNDAY JUNE 8, 2-5 PM *~
29 Lexington Rd. Lincoln, MA 01773

Activities include: Face painting, raffles, arts & crafts, cupcake walk, PONY RIDES
Tack Sale, Yard Sale, and Bake Sale

--> Come to this fun-raiser and support Matlock Farm, Fox's home for 16 years! <--
All proceeds go toward a bigger trailer for the Matlock Farm show team

May 15

Wow...the Matlock crew has been crazy busy!  May 4th was a cold and very rainy day at Carriage Town.  Regardless, everyone did their best and had a great time!  Caitlyn rode Sierra to blues in Adult Amateur Hunt Seat Equitation and Arabian Hunter Pleasure Championship.  They were second in the Arabian Hunter Pleasure qualifier.   Conflicts between the 2 rings gave Regan a chance to ride Merlin.  She was first in the Arabian Hunter Pleasure qualifier and Reserve Champion in the Championship class.  Anna rode B to some of the most beautiful rides I have seen to date!  She placed in the top 5 in all of her classes!  Not bad for showing against Friesians, Saddlebreds, Paints, etc.  Savannah rode Mac to a third place finish in the Arabian Hunter Pleasure qualifier.  The bitter cold and rain prevented her from returning to the Championship class.  Mac made his debut in Open Pleasure Driving with Laura Wiper.  He ended up at the top in both the qualifier class and the Championship. 

The Hudson Valley Arabian Show on May 11-13 was a big success!  We started out with our over fences classes on Friday.  Caitlyn took 4th place in the Adult Amateur Hunt Seat Equitation class with Sierra.  Merlin won both his Crossrails classes and ended up Champion of the whole division.  Sierra also did well with Savannah, coming back with three 4ths and a 2nd against National Champions!  In the Hunter Hack Open, Calvin was 3rd with Sarah.  In the Hunter Hack ATR, Regan and B placed 2nd and Savannah and Calvin were 3rd.  Sarah showed both Calvin and Sierra in the PB Low Hunter division.  Calvin was 2nd across the board.  Sierra ended up with a blue over fences and was Reserve Champion for the division.  Both Savannah and Regan showed in the Hunt Seat Equitation Over Fences and the Medal class as well.  Savannah and Calvin were 1st in both classes, Regan 2nd.  In the PB Modified Hunter ATR, Regan and B were Champions of the division and Savannah and Calvin were Reserve! 

Saturday was Dressage and Liberty.  Savannah and Calvin were 2nd and 3rd in their first Dressage tests ever!  Caitlyn and Sierra were 3rd and 4th.  Merlin ended up 3rd with Sarah in Training Test 4 with an impressive score of 64.4%.  Pretty good for a 24 year old horse!  B was 3rd and 5th in her First Level tests with Sarah riding.  Calvin made his debut in Liberty.  He had so much fun and galloped around like an old pro.  He ended up Top 5 out of 8 horses.

Sport Horse Under Saddle took place on Sunday.  In the Open class, Sarah and Merlin were 6th and Savannah and Calvin were 5th.  In the JTR, Calvin took 3rd while B and Regan picked up the 5th place finish.  In the ATR Savannah and Calvin were 4th.  Regan and B were 6th in the Championship with Merlin 5th and Calvin 3rd.

May 1

We're back from our first Arabian show!  It was a lot of fun and the horses were all great!  Caitlyn took the wins in 4 out of her 6 classes on Nate!  Merlin won his Liberty class with Savannah and Rebecca!  Anna had the best rides of her life on B!  Laura looked amazing on Merlin!  B was so good with me! 

Our next adventure is Carriage Town this Sunday.  It will be Mac's first driving show!  Laura Wiper will be at the reins.  After that we are off to the Hudson Valley Arabian Show on Wednesday.  If you have free time and want to come watch, it will be held at the Big E in West Springfield, MA.

March 20

As some of you know I was sick as a dog last Sunday at the Wild Aire Farm show.  It was one of the worst flu's I have ever had in my life!  You would think that it would also be one of the worst days of my life, but it was the BEST!!!!

Everyone at the show went above and beyond anyone's expectations.  I am forever grateful to all of you.

I have realized, which I already knew, but this sealed the deal, that am so lucky to have THE BEST students, parents, helpers and hauler, all of whom I consider to be the best friends anyone could ever have.

Thank you so much to everyone!  Lise, Janet and John thank you for being so understanding and cooperative and telling me to go home!  I wanted so much to stay and watch my girls, but they helped me realize that it was never going to work.  Rebecca and Lilly thank you for being the best grooms, assistant trainers, riders and coaches in the world!  Anna, Caitlyn, Savannah and Regan thank you for moving on and doing your best without me there, hey, you don't need me!  You guys are sooooo talented.  Caitlyn thank you for taking over with such a calm, professional and focused attitude.  You are the best!!!  John thank you for holding Repo for pretty much the entire day!  He's sweet isn't he?  Lise and Anna thank you for driving me home and missing precious time with Grandma to do so!  I hope she didn't mind!  Reg thank you for being THE BEST hauler in the world!!!  Thank you for unloading the horses, tack, hay and spending your time helping us out!  Mum thank you for helping get the horses' coolers off and blanket them.  Couldn't have done it without you!

If I left anything or one out, let me know so I can write another email :)

I am so proud of my girls for their maturity and courage that they all showed on Sunday.  It is times like that when it is really needed.  I just can't express how grateful and impressed I am by every one of you, Anna, Savannah, Regan, Lilly, Rebecca, Caitlyn, Lise, John, Reg and my mom!  

So thank you, thank you, thank you.......etc.

This will be posted on my website so everyone can read about you wonderful people!!!!


March 4 2008 many things happened all at once!  We attended our first horse show of the year, I celebrated my 29th birthday (not 30th, Regan) and Mac got a new cart!

On Sunday, Anna Kjems, Savannah Snell, Regan Salm and I showed at Wild Aire Farm's Winter Series horse show.  We all had a blast!  Anna rode Calvin to 1st place in Walk Trot Pleasure, 2nd place in Walk Trot Ground Poles and Reserve Champion in Walk Trot Pleasure Championship!  She also received ribbons in WT Equitation, Equitation Championship, Pleasure, Under Saddle, Under Saddle Championship and WTC groundpoles!  Savannah rode Mac to 2nd place in Short Stirrup Hunter Over Fences B and the CCH/MHJ Short Stirrup Medal class!  She also got ribbons in SS Equitation Flat and Over Fences, SS Hunter Under Saddle and Over Fences A!  Regan showed B to 2nd place in Short Stirrup Equitation Flat, Hunter Under Saddle and Over Fences!  She also got a ribbon in The CCH/MHJ SS Medal!  Sierra and I received 1st place in Suitable Hunter Over Fences C and 2nd place in SH Under Saddle and Over Fences B!  We also placed in SH Over Fences A!  All the riders and horses were sooooo good!  It was also great to get in a ring again :)  Thank you to Caitlyn, Rebecca, Lise, John and Mike for helping out and supporting our horses and riders!

Thank you everyone for the birthday wishes, gifts and goodies (especially the chocolate "upside down" cake :)

Laura helped me purchase a new cart for Mac!  It is called an Eaglet cart and can be adjusted to fit both Mac and.......Calvin!  Yes, he is learning too. Thank you to Dre and Laura for picking it up and bringing it home!

I am now offering opportunities for show riders and helpers, who are 10 and over, to attend a show without parents!  Yes, you read that correctly, no parents.  There will be different "babysitting fees" which are posted on the Horse Shows page.  This will be a big relief to those parents who have very hectic schedules.

Well, next show is March 16th.  Until then, let the weather stay warm :)

February 12

Well, we have many things to look forward to this year!  Shows, Camp, Mac learning to drive!!!  Oh and of course warmer weather!

Matlock Farm will attend our first show of the season on March 2nd at Wild Aire Farm.  If you are interested in attending, please let Sarah know.  This show series offers classes for EVERYONE! From Leadline to Jumping.  We have been to several Wild Aire Farm shows and really enjoy the relaxed atmosphere, friendly people, great facilities and yummy cookies!

We will also be showing at many Arabian A rated shows this year.  Please note that if you want to compete at them, it requires a big commitment and extra lessons (not a bad thing) :)  We will also go to Syracuse, NY to compete at the Arabian Region 16 Championships this year!  If you would like this show to be one of your goals, let Sarah know and she will tell you how to proceed.  This show requires qualification, which can be done at the A rated shows.

This year we will have 4 camp sessions.  Many new kids will attend and we look forward to meeting them!

Sarah's friend, Laura Wiper, is teaching Mac to drive!  Their goal is to take him to Arabian Sport Horse Nationals next year!  It will take a lot of work, but he'll look SO fancy pulling a cart!

Once the ground gets softer and all the snow is gone Sarah will purchase new jumps!  This will really help us with our schooling for Hunter Over Fences classes!  We can finally jump higher than 1' 9"   Yay!!!

We'll keep you posted on news and events, so check back often.

December 16

Wow, it's almost Christmas!  Happy Delayed Hanukkah!  Happy Early New Year!  We have so many things to be grateful for this year!  We couldn't have had a better year with 2 new horses (Sierra and Mac), an unbelieveable show season and the best families and helpers ever!

I would like to congratulate the following horses and riders on their year end awards:

Catherine Krupka- CHAMPION Leadline at Wild Aire Farm!

Lucie Nolden-8TH Place Leadline at Wild Aire Farm!

Anna Kjems- CHAMPION Walk Trot at Wild Aire Farm!

Rebecca Thompson- RESERVE CHAMPION Walk Trot at Wild Aire Farm!

Sky Murray- 5TH Place Walk Trot at Wild Aire Farm!

Sarah Lindeman- CHAMPION Adult Walk Trot at Wild Aire Farm!

Savannah Snell- 3RD Place Short Stirrup at Wild Aire Farm (after 2 shows)!

BW Distinction: CHAMPION Dressage at AHAM, AHANE, AHCC and USEF!

                         RESERVE CHAMPION Dressage and Trail at NHAHA!

                         RESERVE CHAMPION Sport Horse Under Saddle at AHCC!

Dreams Shazzon: CHAMPION Native Costume at AHCC!

The Terminator: RESERVE CHAMPION Sport Horse and 3RD Place Show Horse at NSH-NE!

November 12

Well, I'm back from Equine Affaire!!  It was great this year. I even got to see Savannah, Sky and John Snell there!!

So, now that daylight savings time is in effect, I will be looking into lighting for the ring. It may not happen for awhile, or at all, but hopefully it will happen soon. For those of you that have a lesson during the dark hours, I will be emailing you about temporary changes in scheduling.

My mom has drawn lines to help everyone with parking. Please park ONLY where the lines are. They are located in front of the bushes facing my grandmothers house and in front of the barn. You WILL be asked to move if you park elsewhere.

I also need to inform everyone that my aunt and uncle have moved into my grandmothers house. They would like to have some privacy in their backyard. Please DO NOT go beyond the raspberry bushes. Only helpers and family members are allowed past the garden. This will go into effect immediately and will be extremely enforced! I do want everyone to be able to enjoy the farm still. It will just need to be within a smaller area. Thank you for complying with this.

I have all the horse gear and riding clothes ready and priced in "The Ghetto". Please let me know if you want to come and take a look.

I hope everyone has their winter clothes ready!

September 8

HAPPY FALL...almost...

Wow, it's been awhile since I've added any news!  I am happy to announce that Matlock Farm has a new instructor/barn helper.  Her name is Caitlyn!  She will be teaching on Tuesdays and Thursdays and helping in the barn on Wednesdays and Fridays!  I am still looking for another barn helper for Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays.  Laura will be teaching on just Fridays.  I will continue to teach Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays.  Sundays will be reserved for shows!

The outdoor ring is FINALLY done!!!  It looks amazing!  We will be adding a sprinkler system and lighting shortly.  I have gotten some fancy decorations for the jumps, so when the horses go to shows they won't be too surprised.

We have 2 new sets of crossties outside, to get horses more crowding in the barn :)

We will be welcoming a few new students this fall, so keep your eyes out for new faces :)

Don't forget, there still are plenty of shows to attend.  Please let me know if you are interested.

On another note, if anyone is interested, my grandmother (Margaret Flint Sr.)'s Memorial Service will be at the White Church in Lincoln on September 15 at 2:00.

May 29

New horses galore!!  We have yet another new member of the Matlock Farm family.  Mac is a coming 6 year old half arabian half paint pony.  He is about 12 hands tall and is black with a bald face and 4 white socks.  What makes this pony really stand out is that he has one brown eye and one blue eye.  Mac has settled in nicely, made new friends (both equine and human) and LOVES the attention he gets as a lesson pony.  Sarah hopes to take him to his first arabian show in August!!  Meanwhile he'll start out at schooling shows.  


March 30

I would like to introduce the newest member to the Matlock Farm family, Sierra!  Sierra is a 12 year old Arabian mare.  She has already done a few lessons and is loving life as a lesson pony.

March 22

The new lesson schedule is in effect.  You can view it on the "Horseback Riding Lessons" page.  I also want to remind everyone that there has been a change in rates.  Please see the "Lesson and Show Fees" page.  Fot those of you who would like your child to stay at the barn past her lesson time, I am offering Extra Barn Hours.  The kids will be supervised by one of my helpers and will learn all about horse care.  The fee is $10 per hour.

I would like to introduce the new Matlock Farm helpers! Sarah Lindeman is now working Mondays and Thursdays.  She has taken Repo on as a project and hopes to buy him soon.  Laura Hipp is now working on Wednesdays.  She has taken B on as a project and hopes to show her this year.  Martha Campbell is now working on Saturdays.  She has taken Nate and Merlin on as projects and hopes to show Nate this year. 

I would like to remind everyone that the deposit for all camp sessions is due April 1.  You can download all the information on the "Summer Camp" page.  I would like to invite anyone to sign up for the last slots for camp.  Available is one Group D slot(7/30-8/3) and three Group B slots (8/20-24).

Please take a few minutes to read the barn rules and sign the general waiver.  Both are located on the "Forms" page.  Everyone who comes onto Matlock Farm property must have a signed waiver on file (Including riders, parents, family, friends, etc.). 

Coming soon..... Two new ponies!! Second instructor!! New grooming area!! Fundraiser!! Ring dedication!! Show season!!....More on these soon.

January 22, 2007

Happy New Year to all!!


I am happy to announce the following year end award winners:

Arabian Horse Association of Massachusetts-

B- Champion Adult Beginner Open Fun Show w/ Margaret Flint

    Reserve Champion PB Open Performance w/ Sarah

    3rd PB Open Performance w/ Laura Wiper


NATE4th HA Hunter/Show Hack ATR w/ Laura Wiper

              6th Open Sport Horse w/ Laura Wiper

              5th HA Open Performance w/ Sarah


CALVIN-  Reserve Champion Arabian Open Fun Show w/ Sarah

                   5th Open Sport Horse w/ Sarah

                   3rd Open Junior Rider w/ Regan Salm

                   4th Open Junior Rider w/ Savannah Snell


REPO-  Reserve Champion Open Dressage w/ Sarah

               5th Open Sport Horse w/ Sarah


Arabian Horse Club of Connecticut-

B-  Champion PB Sport Horse Under Saddle

      Champion PB Sport Horse In Hand

      Reserve Champion PB Open Competition Out of State

      5th PB Halter

      5th PB Hunter Pleasure


NATE-  3rd HA Native Costume

               4th HA Show Hack

               6th HA Trail

               7th HA Halter

               8th HA Hunter Pleasure

               8th HA Sport Horse In Hand

              11th HA Sport Horse Under Saddle


CALVIN-  3rd PB Open Competition Out of State


REPO-  Reserve Champion PB Dressage

               Reserve Champion PB Sport Horse In Hand

              4th PB Halter

              9th PB Hunter Pleasure


National Show Horse Registry-

NATE-  3rd NSH Hunter Pleasure


United States Equestrian Federation-

B-  3rd Region 16 PB Sport Horse

      4th Region 16 PB Hunter Pleasure JTR

      7th Region 16 PB Hunter Pleasure Open

      7th Region 16 PB Hunter Pleasure ATR


NATE-  National Champion NSH Hunter Pleasure

              Champion District 2 NSH Hunter Pleasure

              5th Region 16 HA Specialty

              7th Region 16 HA Hunter Pleasure

             8th Region 16 HA Hunter Pleasure ATR


REPO-  5th Region 16 PB Halter

               7th Region 16 PB Sport Horse


Wild Aire Farm-

Savannah Snell-  3rd Walk-Trot w/ B and Nate

Anna Kjems-  4th Leadline w/ Calvin



CONGRATULATIONS TO ONE AND ALL!!! to the other news....


Effective 2/5/07 there will be a change in lesson rates to help pay for some new helpers at Matlock Farm.


30 min. group-  $25

30 min. private-  $40

1 hour group-  $50

1 hour private-  $70


Because of these very important helpers, I will be offering an "extra barn hours" program at $10 per hour for up to 4 kids at a time.  Kids who have lessons on specific days will have first dibs at the EBH program for those days.  Kids who are interested in the EBH program can contact Sarah via email.


If anyone has been thinking ahead to show season and is interested in showing at either the Arabian or Open shows, please let me know so I can schedule accordingly.


Both the fencing and the gates on the new ring are finally finished!!  Footing will be done in the spring.  If you want to stay and watch a lesson, please stay either near the new gate or in your car to stay warm.


On a last note, please read the revised barn rules and sign and give to Sarah a copy of the general waiver for her to have on file.  Please be advised that everyone who comes onto Matlock Farm property must have a signed copy of this waiver on file.


Thank you for your time.

The 2007 camp dates are being okayed as we speak!!!  I am hoping to have 5 sessions this year, but only 4 may get permission.  The camp rates will also be raised to $550 per week, to help pay for another employee.  The camp counselors this year are:  Sarah Flint, Sue Flint (Sarah's sister) and Sarah Lindeman (a friend of both Sarah and Sue).



December 22

All the Matlock Farm clothing is in!!!  If you ordered something and have not yet picked it up you can come by Sarah's parents' house. 

It is with pleasure that I announce Nate has won the USEF Horse of the Year National Championship in National Show Horse Hunter Pleasure!! 

....More year end award results coming soon....

August 30, 2006

Hello, It's almost time for school to begin for most kids, maybe some have already started?  Due to this huge change, I will be re-working my lesson schedule.  I will be emailing or calling all my current students to see where I can fit you in.  Many of you will be placed into groups, based on your abilities and also to squeeze in as many students as I can!  This new schedule will start 9/11.  Please expect to be at your regular lessons until then, unless you talk to me and can't make it.

For students who are scheduled to have lesson on Sundays, as you can see I have many horse shows coming up.  If you would like to reschedule for Saturday on those particular days, please let me know.

For those of you who have asked to be on the wait list, can you please email me one more time, so I can confirm that I have you on my list?

I would like to thank everyone for being so patient as I regroup myself and my business after a very exciting, yet hectic summer.  I apologize to the people who have not gotten return emails and phone calls.  I'm still working on catching up on everything.


August 15, 2006

I would like to take this time to let everyone know that I am starting a 24 hour cancellation policy.  With lessons in high demand, empty slots can be easily filled up.  Please let me know 24 hours in advance if you will not be able to make it to your scheduled lesson, or you will be sent an invoice for the full price of the missed lesson.  Of course, sometimes occurences happen that we cannot predict, so certain exceptions may be made.  I will do my best to give you as much notice as possible for my cancelling lessons.  Unfortunately, I cannot control the weather, which is a major factor with riding outdoors.  If you have any comments on concearns, please let me know.


On a lighter note, jackets and t-shirts with the Matlock Farm logo will be available for purchase.  Please contact Sarah if you are interested.  Prices will be available shortly.


I have purchased many new items for the horses with either the horses' names or "Matlock Farm" labels on them.  Please feel free to use any of  these items, but be sure to put everything away.  If you are unsure if a certain piece of equipment belongs to Sarah, please ask permission to use it.


Thank you,


June 20, 2006

I would like to let everyone know that during my 3 camp weeks, I will not be giving lessons.  This has changed since what everyone was told earlier.  If you have lessons scheduled for these weeks, they can be cancelled or rescheduled.  The 3 camp weeks are: July 10-14; July 24-28 and August 21-25. 


Please keep in mind that Matlock Farm is a working farm and many different activities go on during the day.  Be aware of big machinery, loud noises, sharp objects, weird smells, etc.  Many different people work and play on the farm.  Please keep in mind that you are a guest at Matlock Farm and although we love to have everyone watch the lessons, some of these occurences may be offensive to you and/or others.


Since the farm machinery and people are around the farm constantly, we would appreciate it if you could park along the brush line facing my grandmothers house.  If you could park at an angle to leave room for others, it would be greatly appreciated.


Thank you for your time and understanding,