Matlock Farm

Making Dreams Become a Reality

Extra Barn Hours

For those of you who can't get enough time on the farm, Matlock Farm offers Extra Barn Hours.  EBH's are available Monday thru Friday from 2:00 - 6:00 pm.  On Saturday's students are welcome starting at 10:00 am and can stay until 5:30.  There is a fee of $10 per hour.  During EBH's, students will learn about all aspects of horse care and help out with daily chores.  Occasionally there is time for extra riding! 

Four Legged Friends Program

Matlock Farm offers a special opportunity to the most advanced riders.  If you qualify, you may be able to "own a horse" for 1-4 days a week!  The FLF Program teaches kids what it is like to care your own horse.  FLF's come in 1 month intervals and you may choose to come one or several chosen days a week, for 3 hours a day.  This program involves a lot of responsibility and maturity.  You will need to get your horse out of the field, groom, tack up, ride (supervised), untack and put away.  Also, you are required to clean up after your horse whether in the stall, ring or outside.  Your horse needs to eat certain grain during the day and you will be responsible for fixing that as well.  It the weather is not appropriate for riding, you are expected to come and care for your horse anyway.  Horses love attention and what better day to smother it with love than on a rainy day.  Please contact Sarah if you are interested.

*Please note that an additional 1 lesson per week on your FLF horse is required*

The Borrowing Barn

Do you want to show but can't afford the fancy clothes?  Well, we have an answer...The Borrowing Barn!  Matlock Farm has lots of show clothes available for you to use including: Coats, Shirts, Breeches, Jodphurs, Gloves and Boots!  They are available in various sizes so check with Sarah to see if she has what you're looking for. 

If you have extra show clothes lying around you can donate or trade them into The Borrowing Barn.  No need to keep clothes around collecting dust!

If you do decide to borrow some clothing, you will need to fill out a chart describing the garmets.  The only requirement is that you return them clean.  Please note that most show clothes need to be dry cleaned.  If a garmet is damaged while in your care, you will need to pay to fix or replace it.

*Schooling clothes also now available*