Matlock Farm

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The Belties

*NEW*  Matlock Farm now offers quality Beltie beef for sale in many different cuts.

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Belted Galloway's come from Galloway, a district of Scotland, and are primarily used as beef cattle.  Warren Flint Jr. likes to look out the window and watch them enjoy life.  He breeds and sells the cows and somehow keeps track of every one in the 30-something herd.  For more information on this fascinating breed go to

The Calves

We have one calf, Girl, who was born on the farm.  She quickly adjusted to farm life and enjoys running around and playing with the other cows.  In her down time, Girl enjoys sleeping under the warming sun and eating some of Nate's leftovers.

The Cows

We have 2 mature female cows right now.  Betsey is the oldest cow and has been on the farm the longest.  146 (Britney) is the second oldest cow.  Both have become quite personable since we cut the herd.

We also have 2 adolescent cows, Nina and Dottie.  They were both orphaned calves and were bottle fed together.  They love eating treats and getting into trouble.  Nina was even taught to give Sarah hugs!