Matlock Farm

Making Dreams Become a Reality

BW Distinction+ (gg jabask+/ x klassic touch)


B is a purebred Arabian mare.  She was born 4/25/91 and my mother bought her in 2003 in New York.  She was a proven broodmare before she was purchased by Margaret and has since proven herself in the show ring as well.  She has had many wins on the A circuit in Dressage, Sport Horse Under Saddle, Working Hunter Over Fences, Walk Trot, Equitation and Hunter Pleasure.  B is a big part of the beginner lesson program at Matlock Farm.  You can put a beginner right on her with no worries, or she can be a beautiful mount for a more experienced rider. 




Copper is a Quarter Horse Arabian cross who is in his late teens.  He belongs to Lindsay and is used in the lesson program occasionally.  In his youth, Cops was a therapeutic horse, who taught many kids with special needs.  He likes to stand in the middle of the ring with some kids, but for others he will canter over small jumps!  His favorite riders are Lindsay and her mom.  His favorite things are treats and crops!

Dreams Shazzon (dreamazon+++ x shahfona)

Merlin was foaled in 1984 and is a 14.2 hand white gelding.  Merlin has Class A and Regional titles in Walk Trot, Dressage, Sport Horse Under Saddle, Native Costume, Hunter Hack, Working Hunter Over Fences and Hunter Pleasure.  He works as a lesson horse for advanced students with his incredible movement and cute jump.  He has a heart of gold and is as smart as they come (this can make him a challenging ride)!  When he gets worked up, he prances around the pasture full of snort and is beautiful to watch.



EF Kaalkir (ali fadaal x gala jamil)

Calvin was bought by Sarah as a beginner lesson horse but has proved to be an outstanding show horse as well.  He is a purebred Arabian gelding foaled in 1990.  Calvin has numerous wins on the A circuit in: Sport Horse In Hand/Under Saddle, Dressage, Working Hunter Over Fences, Hunter Pleasure, Equitation and Walk Trot.  With his bubbly personality and "daisy cutter" stride, he makes everyone take a second look!  He is a huge asset to both the lesson and show program at Matlock Farm.



EH Repro (promotion x gwaziet el hamal)


Repo is a purebred Arabian gelding born in 1993.  He has a goofy and playful personality and is still learning where to move his body when ridden.  He has been shown at both schooling and A circuit shows with success in Working Hunter Over Fences and Dressage.  He is used in the lesson program for only the most experienced riders.  



UPDATES:  Repo was laid to rest on 11/24/15. He was a special soul with and eccentric personality. He was taught to pull a cart in the last year of his life and was a natural! Rest well Repo.

Foxfyre Bell Heir (na ganna++ x tinkerbell)


Fox is now owned by Savannah Snell!  He has been on the farm longer than any other of the horses.  He is a purebred Arabian gelding who will turn 32 this year.  He was a phenomenal show horse in his prime.  He has numerous wins in Hunter Pleasure Open, Amateur and Junior to Ride, as well as Jumping.  He and Sarah won the 2001 Arabian Region 16 Championship in Regular Working Hunter Over Fences at the ripe old age of 23.  Nowadays, Fox gives pony rides to little kids who love horses.  He has definitely left a huge impact on the farm.



Fox was laid to rest on Saturday May 7th at 5:30 PM.  He had all his favorite people with him and went very peacefully.  Rest In Peace Foxy Boy.  We love you forever.

Haley's Comet

Comet is occasionally used for lessons here at Matlock Farm.  He is a 24 year old grey Arabian gelding.  We don't know too much about Comet other than he is a big fan of attention and cute as a bug!  Comet is owned by Peg Marsh of Lincoln, MA.


Comet was laid to rest a few months after Fox. 
Now they are together again galloping through
grass fields.  Rest in Peace Comey.

Rebel Rebel (rebel blak falcon x pva candee cane)

Mac is a 2001 3/4 arabian 1/4 grade pony.  He is about 12 hands tall and is black with a bald face and 4 white socks.  What makes this pony really stand out is that he has one brown eye and one blue eye.  Mac LOVES the attention he gets as a lesson pony.  He has found his new passion...Combined Driving, with the help of Laura Wiper.  He has shown on both the A circuit and schooling shows with wins in Sport Horse In Hand, Native Costume, Walk Trot, Short Stirrup and Equitation.




Strange Magic (majesteit x wild strawberries)

Clarke is a 2003 Half-Arabian, 1/4 Saddlebred, 1/4 Dutch Harness Horse gelding.  He is green under saddle but learning very quickly!  He has shown with wins at schooling and A rated shows in Sport Horse In Hand/Under Saddle, Hunter Pleasure and Dressage.  Clarke is loving it out on the trails started his jumping training last fall.  He is a curious fellow who likes to please his riders.


The BB King (sultan's great day x wild strawberries)

King is a 2004 Half-Arabian NSH gelding.  He is also green under saddle but has great natural balance, so he has progressed very quickly.  He is a showy Hunter Pleasure type who enjoys showing off in the ring.  He was shown this year in Hunter Pleasure Open, Amateur and Junior to Ride as well as Junior Horse.  He tried his hand at NSH Halter and ended up winning the class!  King loves to be in your lap and shows great confidence under saddle.


The Terminator (vanraf x et the extra terrestrial)


Sarah has owned Nate since 1995.  He is a National Show Horse (Half-Arabian, Half-Saddlebred) gelding.  Nate has seen and done almost everything.  He has an extensive show record in almost every discipline.  He has shown and won in 5-Gaired, 3-Gaited, Pleasure Driving, English Pleasure, Country Pleasure, Show Hack, Hunter Pleasure, Dressage, Sport Horse, Halter, Jumping and Walk-Trot.  Sarah took him to National Show Horse Finals in Illinois and came back with 3 Top Tens in 5-Gaited Open, Novice and Amateur.  He is used in the lesson program for intermediate and advanced riders.  Along with being an exceptional show horse, he is also a great friend.  He has the most personality I’ve ever seen in a horse and is as smart as they come.  He is a hard worker as well as a perfectionist, which can sometimes make him crazy in the ring.  If you want to meet a horse with character, come by the farm to see Nate.



WA Margaritorr (tikvah orr x magda bi bask)

Marg is a 1987 purebred Arabian mare.  Sarah originally bought her in 1991 as an untrained 4 year old.  Sarah and her trainer, Frake, worked together and started her under saddle.  She was later shown in Hunter Pleasure, Showmanship, Equitation, Dressage, Hunter Over Fences, Halter and Western Pleasure.  When Sarah bought Nate in 1995, Marg was sold.  Marg's most recent owner contacted Sarah in July of 2008 saying she was for sale.  Marg was shortly back at Matlock Farm and reunited with Fox!  She is used for beginner lessons and was shown in Walk Trot/Jog at a few open schooling shows this year.

UPDATES:  Marg was laid to rest on 3/21/14. She was a once in a lifetime horse who miraculously came into my life twice!! We miss you beautiful Marg.